Awnings function as sunscreen, which cut large amount of sunlight, and make the space much cooler. It does save you from rain as well.
 People usually set them up on their residence and commercial buildings in the aim of designing the space.

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Awning tent

Open&Shut tent

 We call the tents that are able to switch its roof as Open&Shut tents.
 This is quite useful in that you can control the space depending on the season, or climate of the day. We provide ones whose power come from electoronics or hand operation.

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Open&Shut tent


 Besides its function as awning, Design tents have the space be more colorful. Therefore, you can expect your customers to enjoy seeing them.
 Printing logos, letters, and vriety of color scheme are available with our products

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design tent


 Shade tents seem to be similar to the other awings, however it is different in the way that it is fixed on the ground or the wall.
 Because it works as awning, your customer can relax the time under shade of tents.

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